How To Fold A Pocket Square

How To Fold A Pocket Square with Four Easy Styles:

pocket square four point fold

The Four Point Fold is a classic Pocket Square style that stands the test of time and provides a clean, crisp and professional look.

  1. Begin with the square fully unfolded and flat against a surface
  2. Fold your pocket square diagonally down the middle, bringing one corner across to meet the opposite corner
  3. Angle the fold very slightly off-centre, so that one corner lies just to the left of the other; this creates the different point levels at the end
  4. The two offset corners will be two of the four visible points of the fold; adjust them to the desired gap
  5. Place it in your pocket!
the presidential pocket square fold

The Presidential Fold is simple and elegant. Perfect for semi-formal or formal occasions. 

  1. Begin with the square fully unfolded and flat
  2. Fold your pocket square in half from right to left
  3. Fold three-quarters of the way back to the right side
  4. Fold in half from top to bottom
  5. Fold from up to the back
  6. Adjust according to the length of your pocket
  7. Place it in your pocket and voila!

 the james adelin four point pocket square fold
The Corner Fold is a classic for formal events, a clean and pointed look. 

  1. Begin with the square fully unfolded and flat.
  2. Fold the square diagonally down the middle to make a triangle.
  3. At the triangle base, where the fold is, fold the doubled-over corner of the pocket square inward on one side.
  4. Fold the other corner. Make each fold the same size and the pocket square roughly the width of your pocket. The pocket square should look like an envelope: rectangular on three sides with a triangular point sticking out of the top.
  5. Slide the bottom fold into your pocket and tuck it all the way down, hiding the rectangular edges. The only visible part of the pocket square should be the triangle pointing straight up.
  6. The one-point fold pocket square is still simple enough to be business-appropriate but relaxed enough to wear with a casual blazer too.
  7. Place it in your pocket.

the puff fold pocket square from james adelin

The Puff Fold Pocket Square has character and a relaxed vibe about it. Great for more smart casual or semi-formal looks. 

  1. Begin with the square fully unfolded and flat.
  2. Pinch your pocket square in the centre of the square and lift it up.
  3. As you lift it up, run your other hand down the length of the fabric with two fingers.
  4. Stop three-quarters of the way down, kinda like your holding a bouquet of flowers!
  5. As you hold it, arrange the folded part so that it spreads out to the side to create a puff.
  6. Gather the fabric at the bottom and fold it up towards the back.
  7. Place it in your pocket, and you're done!